Water Innovation Summit 2014

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Featured Conversation Starters

Tom Arata

Vice President, Ecolab

Jeff Green_NanoH2O_Headshot

Jeff Green

Founder & CEO, NanoH2O

Puon Penn

EVP, Technology & Venture Banking Group
Tom Stanley_GE Power and Water 162x162

Tom Stanley

CTO, GE Power & Water


Don’t Come to Listen. Come to Engage.

Our goal is to bring together an exclusive set of the industry’s top thought leaders to tackle the real issues, expose areas for future work, and make connections that will propel the industry forward.

The summit will have no “audience” and no “speakers.” All attendees will be true participants in workshop-style, inter­active, highly moderated group discussions. If you are look­ing to sit back and listen to panels, you will want to skip this retreat. We are looking for participants who will voice strong opinions, raise hard questions, and contribute to a spirited, fun learning environment.

As you prepare to engage with people at the Summit, explore some of the companies online with the Free Version of i3.

What You'll Experience

Creating smarter, better water is our primary focus. In September we will explore technological and business model innovation in the water and wastewater sectors, from both industrial and municipal points of view.

On the municipal side, sessions will explore topics including predictive maintenance, the Internet of Things Water, contaminant detection, and water reuse. We will also discuss water’s more industrial applications, including its role in oil & gas, mining, food and beverage, and agriculture.

Throughout the Summit we will also review cross-cutting themes like financing, corporate partnerships, and regulation.

If you missed it, download Accelerating & Sustaining the Water Innovation Ecosystem: Whats Next? This report captures our insights around challenges and opportunities for innovation at each step of the water delivery and use cycle. And check out last year’s 2013 Water Innovation Summit agenda.