Sjogren Raab, Matías

Sjogren Raab
Emerging Markets – Understanding Needs & Accessing Innovation
Co founder and CEO of Biofiltro (, a company that has developed and patented an innovative clean and low-cost technology for wastewater treatment through the use of earthworms and other microorganisms. In 2011 Matias representing Biofiltro won the Cleantech Open in Silicon Valley ( the most important competition in the world of clean and sustainable technologies where over 1,500 technologies compete from around the world. Matías previously was involved in the agribusiness sector, where he led projects related to fruit processing, animal feedlots, solid waste management and organic fertilizer production. Matías is Industrial Engineer from the Catholic University of Chile, he also has an MBA in that institution where he received the prize "MBA Spirit" for his great capacity of innovation and entrepreneurship. To date he has participated in the creation of several companies. Matias has leadership and skills, always contributing in business strategy and in the creation and motivation of teams.