Morrison, Chris

Assistant Vice President, Technology Scout Team
Use to Consumption: Predicting Demand and Managing Use
Chris Morrison, from Nalco/Ecolab is a 30+ year global veteran of the water treatment industry, most recently in Geneva, Switzerland and now living near SF, California. Nalco is now a division of Ecolab, a $12 Billion/year firm and is seen as the industry leader in Water treatment. Chris has had a variety of executive assignments in leadership (Division Vice President, Water group; Asia Pacific General Manager and technical/commercial roles), mostly focused on industrial water treatment involving: refrigeration/towers, steam/boilers, reverse osmosis, and waste plant/MBR operations. He and his teams have provided green technical solutions to a variety of industries (including: steel, pulp and paper, refining, commercial buildings, microelectronics and various food/Beverage manufacturers) to reduce water footprint, re-use and recycle strategies. Chris has led these assignments starting in the 80’s from San Francisco and in the 90’s, living and leading teams for Nalco in Sydney, Australia and Jakarta, Indonesia. Chris is a previously an elected public official and director/Chairman of the Marin Municipal Water District, serving water for over 200,000 people just north of San Francisco. While serving as Chairman, the water district went through one of the longest droughts in the history of the district, forcing drastic (25 %+) water reductions on the consumers and scrambling for alternative sources of drinking and irrigation water. He was also a California Governor appointee of the Regional Water Control Board for San Francisco. Chris is recognized leader and mentor, speaker and judge for three global water projects trying to recognize and bolster support the best new ‘water-related companies in the industry (, and Chris graduated with a degree in Biology from UC San Diego (La Jolla, CA, USA) and extension courses in business/engineering at University of Sydney and Northwestern.