Gagliardo, Paul

Manager Innovation Development
American Water
Extraction to Distribution: Can Data Drive a Smarter Supply Network?
Paul Gagliardo is the manager of Innovation Development for American Water, the largest publicly traded U.S. water and wastewater utility company. In this role, Mr. Gagliardo is responsible for identifying new technologies that can be incorporated into American Water’s various business enterprises. He leads the company's Innovation Development Process, which tests and develops new technologies and processes for use in the company and the water industry. Mr. Gagliardo has extensive experience in project management, wastewater recycling, equipment technology research and development, membrane systems, water resources planning, strategic planning, federal and state grants, water policy, water treatment technology, seawater desalination and groundwater asset development. He came to American Water in 2009 from Natawa Corporation, a start-up company focused on utilities and technology within a public-private partnership framework, where he served as vice president. In this role he established the company’s strategic plan and created multiple income-producing schemes through risk-sharing alliances and a unique financing program. Prior to this position, he was the senior program director for Earth Tech Inc., leading a team of engineers, construction managers and technicians in the winning and execution of water and wastewater- related projects. Mr. Gagliardo also spent twenty plus years at the city of San Diego, where he created and managed the Aqua2000 Research Center, a program focused on the testing of new technologies for use in the water and wastewater business. The Aqua2000 Research Center helped develop the membrane bioreactor system from a novelty to the de facto technology of choice for recycled water applications. Mr. Gagliardo’s team developed the performance test protocols that are being used by the California Department of Health Services to determine if systems can be used in specific potable water and recycled water applications.