Event Overview

Accelerating & Sustaining the Water Innovation Ecosystem:

An exclusive, executive retreat for the industry’s top thought leaders

The challenges facing innovation in the water sector have been well documented and thoroughly discussed. Regulated prices that do not reflect real costs, the conservative decision making of most utilities, and a lack of investor patience for the timeframes needed to build companies in the sector.  Yes, you have heard it all before. 

Yet, something has decidedly changed in the past six months.  Cleantech Group data shows that venture investments in the water sector have been rising steadily over the past eight quarters, and hit an all-time high in the first quarter of 2012. 

This momentum will not continue without a concerted, collaborative industry effort.  This 2012 surge in venture investment is an encouraging sign, but it will all be for naught if the entire industry ecosystem does not rally around this trend forging new relationships, technology development agreements, and customer contracts. 

It will take utilities, innovators, investors, major corporations, and government regulators all working together to make a difference in the market. 

Our goal is to bring together an exclusive set of the industry’s top thought leaders to tackle the real issues, expose areas for future work, and make connections that will propel the industry forward.

A New Brand of Executive Retreat

Pre-conference briefings, in-session engagement, post-conference follow-up

This two-day summit will be invitation-only as to ensure the highest quality dialogue.  We will pull from the ranks of leading investors, utilities, corporate executives, and industry influencers.  Our selection bias for attendees will be toward those working most directly on live projects, emerging technologies, and those actively putting capital to work in the industry.

The summit will have no “audience” and no “speakers”.  All attendees will be true participants in a workshop-style, interactive, highly moderated group discussions.  If you are looking to sit back and listen to panels, you will want to skip this retreat.  We are looking for participants who will voice strong opinions, raise hard questions, and contribute to a spirited, fun learning environment. We ask that all participants be there for the duration of the event as the Summit is designed to be experienced in its entirety.

Attendee Participation

In-session engagement:  Every attendee will be expected to actively contribute to the discussion.  Our moderators will work hard to ensure everyone’s voice is heard and incorporated into the dialogue.  We know that not every industry-specific dialogue though will interest every attendee and we will have networking areas setup for you to have informal discussions in parallel to the main session.  Unlike other industry events, we don’t want you to soldier through a session that doesn’t benefit you.

Post Event Follow-Up:  At the end of the retreat we intend to have, as a group, developed 3 to 5 clear directives on which to act over the following 12 months.  Each topic/action item will have a volunteer subject leader and committee in charge of follow up with progress reports and conclusions delivered at next year’s gathering – Cleantech Group will actively follow-up with these volunteer subject leaders on a quarterly basis.