Chu, Jim

Emerging Markets – Understanding Needs & Accessing Innovation
Jim has been an active entrepreneur and investor since 1994 and has been involved in humanitarian aid and development since 2004. After obtaining his B.A. in International Relations and Quantitative Economics from Stanford University in 1994, Jim founded a consulting firm in the very early days of the Internet, helping businesses leverage the reach of the web to expand internationally. After his M.A. in International Policy Studies at Stanford, he joined Cisco Systems where he ran marketing and business development in Latin America and Canada, growing annual revenues for services from $90M to $140M within 2 years. Jim left Cisco to join Medécins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders), where he headed administrative and financial operations for their missions in Nigeria. Since 2005, Jim has been investing in and operating numerous start-ups in Silicon Valley, both bootstrapped and venture-backed. He has led companies from the seed phase to successful operations with large international teams. Jim has been actively working in Haiti since early 2010 and until July, 2012 was the CEO of LifeGivingForce (LGF), a social enterprise deploying donor-funded private-public water kiosks in urban and rural Haiti. His goal in Haiti is to promote entrepreneurship and development by attracting investment for small and medium-sized businesses and by applying international best practices and technology to create better products and services for the bottom of the pyramid. Jim spends 60% of his time in Port-au-Prince, Haiti and the rest of his time in San Francisco, California.