Beckman, Craig

Breakout Sessions: Oil and gas
Craig Beckman is the President & CEO for MIOX Corporation, an electrolytic technology leader for customized disinfection chemistries. Prior to MIOX, Craig was the Vice President Equipment Sales at GE Water with responsibility of a global team of Developers selling integrated solutions for large water and waste treatment systems. In addition, Craig was responsible for a new business incubation program for GE Water that focused on translating unique solutions across markets and geographies. Prior to GE Water, Craig lead sales and marketing for Osmonics and was instrumental in their 10X growth prior to being sold to GE. He is a recognized expert in marketing and commercializing new products, driving global sales growth, and managing water projects across multiple industries and applications. With a career in water that spans over 20 years, Craig has gained extensive global market experience in food and beverage; pharmaceutical; power; municipal; oil and gas; and microelectronics. Craig holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. In addition to qualifications ranging from highly technical to strategic business development, Craig is a Six Sigma Green Belt (General Electric, Inc.) and certified in Executive Sales Management from Carlson School of Management.