Welcome to the Water Innovation Summit

Accelerating & Sustaining the Water Innovation Ecosystem: An exclusive, executive retreat for the industry’s top thought leaders 

Now is the time to start thinking about  and doing something about investment into smart water technologies and infrastructure.

Looking at the years ahead, we foresee that 1) water pricing will increase to more realistic levels, 2) hidden costs will start to become more visible – especially to corporations and 3) businesses will start sweating the risks to reputation, product quality, up-time, and supply chain.

The opportunities in water are huge  but so are the challenges and risks.  This intimate, executive summit will bring together the key stakeholders and facilitate a collaboration with the goal of creating actionable, concrete "to-dos" for the industry.

An invitation-only one and a half day summit, we aim to bring together top investors, utility executives, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, and public sector leaders to focus on three innovation themes: Smart water, Resource recovery, and water re-use.  

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