2015 Cleantech Forum San Francisco Entrepreneur Showcase

2015 Entrepreneur Showcase

Cleantech Forum San Francisco is your opportunity to pitch to hundreds of top-tier investors, corporate executives, potential customers and partners, and other influencers. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to participate in the largest and longest-running gathering of the cleantech community! DEADLINE: February 2, 2015  Application is now closed.

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See Who Presented in the 2015 Entrepreneur Showcase:

Presenting Companies

Your Opportunity

If selected, your company’s CEO will have the opportunity to:

  • Pitch on stage to an expert panel of top venture capital and corporate investors. Past expert panelists and judges have included Khosla Ventures, Hercules Technology Growth Capital, Emerald Technology Ventures, Johnson Controls, Bright Capital, and KPCB.
  • Participate in an Entrepreneur Training Session to prepare for the onstage pitches and learn key topics related to running a successful global cleantech company.
  • Join a special Entrepreneur Speed Networking with facilitated small group discussions between entrepreneurs, key corporate executives, and top VCs.

Selection Process

We are interested in any company in the cleantech space that is seeking financial investment, strategic partnerships, joint ventures, or partners in order to help develop its products or services, acquire new customers or expand into global markets.

What qualities make a good presenting company?

  • The technology’s level of innovation/ability to disrupt field;
  • Strength of management team;
  • Chances of success and commercial adoption;
  • Attractiveness of the market the company is addressing;
  • Quality of investor base and development partnerships

We will select up to 10 companies to pitch in the 2015 Entrepreneur Showcase. Applicants are reviewed and accepted on a rolling basis by our i3 Research team based on the information submitted on your i3 profile and Executive Summary. You must upload your Executive Summary to your i3 profile page in order to be selected for the Entrepreneur Showcase.

Apply in i3

To apply for the Entrepreneur Showcase, you must claim your company’s profile on i3 (if you have not already done so), and fill out a short application via the Cleantech Forum San Francisco Entrepreneur Showcase campaign. We will be using the company profiles as part of our selection process, so the more complete your profile, the better your chances are of being selected.

Don’t forget to upload your company’s Executive Summary on your profile page in order to be selected for the Showcase!

Deadline for applications is February 2, 2015.


Once you have opened the campaign application page, there are two options:

1. If you have already claimed your company’s profile, you will be prompted to sign in. Once you are signed in, fill out the application and submit it for review. You may also want to update your profile and Executive Summary if you have not already done so.

2. If you have not claimed your profile, click on “Sign up” and fill in your basic information. Your company’s profile may already exist, and you will have the option to claim it. If not, you will be prompted to create a new profile. After filling in your company’s information, you will be able to apply to the Entrepreneur Showcase under “Opportunities” and submit your application for review.

For any questions regarding the campaign application, please email research@cleantech.com.


There is a fee to present in the Entrepreneur Showcase. It is $995 for a three-day pass for the CEO presenter. You can also choose to include another team member (also a three-day pass) for an additional $750.

Pitch Session Format

This year, our carefully selected entrepreneurs will take the stage in front of corporate executives, investors, fellow entrepreneurs, and other cleantech leaders. In 5 minutes, each entrepreneur will pitch his or her company idea and what they are looking for. A panel of 3-4 judges (senior investors) will hear the pitches and give the entrepreneurs feedback in front of the audience and/or ask clarifying questions.

The audience will vote on the Cleantech Forum event app, and the entrepreneur who gets the most votes will be announced as the People’s Choice Winner of the Entrepreneur Showcase. There will also be a Judge’s Choice pick.

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