Voncken, Rob

Chief Executive Officer

Rob Voncken is the CEO of BioMCN, a leading 2nd generation biofuel producer. Since the incorporation of the company 3½ years ago, Rob has led the company through an impressive growth and build process based on own proprietary know-how. With today’s production capability of 250 million liters per year, BioMCN is the world’s largest producer of 2nd generation bio-methanol.

Before joining BioMCN, Rob has held several positions within the Materials & Life Sciences company DSM, amongst others several marketing & sales positions incl. Marketing & Sales Director of the Melamine business; he was the General Manager of the DSM Flame Retardant business, Managing Director of the DSM Incubator, Divestment & Outsourcing Director and Vice President Strategy. He has extensive experience in doing business in the Far East incl. membership of the Supervisory Board of Nippon Dyneema Ltd (Osaka, Japan, 2006-2007). He is member of the Advisory Board of the Strategy Summit Industry 2010.

Rob has a MSc in Chemical Engineering from Eindhoven University (the Netherlands), followed by several leadership courses ao Marketing & Business Administration (Rotterdam School of Management, the Netherlands), Corporate Entrepreneurship Course (Babson-Wellesley, USA), Corporate Management Course and Executive Leadership Program (IMD-Lausanne, Switzerland).