Event Overview

Cleantech's Scalable Future? Developing the Winning Financing Models of the Next Decade

The Cleantech Forum New York on Oct. 11-13, 2010 addresses innovation in key clean technology resource-efficiency categories — energy efficiency, transportation, smart grid, and water, among others — but from a finance angle.

With long, expensive company and product lifecycles to support, cleantech innovation is as much about business models as it is about technology.

Attend Cleantech Forum New York to:

  • Learn from a full two-day conference program filled with discussion and debate
  • Hear expert speakers from the world of business, finance and technology
  • Preview the latest market research and analysis from the Cleantech Group
  • Be the first to see the reveal of the Global Cleantech 100
  • Watch the Cleantech Group host the NASDAQ closing bell ceremony via live feed and then head to a strolling networking dinner for all attendees at NASDAQ
  • Engage with cleantech entrepreneurs and see the latest technologies in the Cleantech Innovation Pavilion
  • See hot start-ups pitch VCs and investors during the Entrepreneur Showcase
  • Enjoy plenty of high-level networking opportunities and receptions

Why Should You Attend?

The promise of clean technology won't be fulfilled until we solve the issue of how to finance it.  The current global economic crisis combined with a cautiously optimistic investor community (the lessons of the last bubble still fresh in the minds of silicon valley VCs), means funding isn't so easy to get - nor should it be.  The situation is aggravated by the fact that clean technologies often require huge upfront R&D costs and might not be ready to generate revenues for decades.  How do we decide which companies get funded (and how much funding they get) from a limited pool of venture capital? 

The future of cleantech then depends on finding creative finance models that allow for profitable development of the most promising innovations.  This is the problem that you and other global stakeholders will tackle in New York. 

Who Should Attend?

  • Entrepreneurs:  What sources of funding are available to grow your business? How does that vary geographically and across market sectors?
  • Corporations looking for solutions:  Which emerging technologies should you be investigating?  How can you partner with startups to help you both prosper?
  • Institutional investors:  Where will you find long-term assets?
  • Venture capitalists and private equity investors:  How and where does it make sense for you to play in cleantech?
  • Cities, regions, states, municipalities:  Publicize your area’s benefits and incentive programs to attract cleantech innovators
  • Professional service providers:  Law firms, accountancies: network with your future clients