Moeller, Bruce


Bruce Moeller began his career with GD Searle’s medical instrumentation group and has devoted years to ITT, Kurta Corp. Mutoh Industries, Bell & Howell Inc., Carlson Marketing, DriveCam Inc. and now leads AquaSpy Inc. as its’ CEO. The common thread in his career has been developing innovative businesses which help people lead a better life. Whether it be finding faster and better ways to predict medical problems or as in the case of DriveCam, to prevent the destructive driving patterns which maim and kill millions each year, to the now current endeavor with AquaSpy to sustain the precious life giving resource of water, the attraction is to work in businesses that make a large impact on human life.

With a high tech background in innovation, Moeller has successfully raised $ tens of millions of dollars for several entrepreneurial Companies resulting in some of the better known products and services which have created and expanded industries. Bruce is a two time author, frequent guest of Good Morning America, the Today show, CBS’ Early Morning, CNN, Fox and others for his passionate work with keeping people alive and healthy. A former Entrepreneur of the Year, Risk Innovator of the Year, Personal Responsibility award winner, and serial Entrepreneur, Moeller is married with 6 children and resides in Carmel Indiana now attacking the challenges of growing a newly formed business and educating the world on the severity of the worldwide water crisis looming and what we can do to mitigate that potential destruction.