Martin, Jean-Frédéric


Jean-Frédéric began his career as a technological expert in the fields of microsystems &
renewable energy. He then moved on to spend 12 years in automotive quality management, and in sales support for electrotechnic products. I worked for companies in France, Germany, Italy and Eastern Europe.

In 2005 he initiated the project microgenerator (ie piezo energy harvesting device) with a prestigious engineering school Lab. From this date Arveni s.a.s. was incorporated, and received many awards, the last being "Best of Sensors" in June 2010 in Chicago. This year, Arveni was selected as the "unique" company to receive this prize in the "Technology" category.

Arveni owns 5 licences of patents, and JeI filed/co-filed 4 patents on piezoenergy harvesting, which makes Arveni the technical leader in high power energy harvesting. Arveni received a grant of 100,000 Euros before incorporation, and 280,000 Euros as a prize for innovation. In mid 2009 Arveni did their first round of capital raising with BA for 280,000 Euros. Arveni works for leading, global customers, and will need fund raising in Quarter 2 of 2011. Visit our website for more info: