Jacobs, Scott

Expert Associate Principal
McKinsey & Company

Scott Jacobs, an Associate Principal in McKinsey & Company’s San Francisco office, co-founded the Firm’s global CleanTech practice. Scott works with technology, energy, automotive, private equity and public sector clients across a wide range of functions relating to clean energy technology, including international market expansion,
M&A strategy, regulation strategy, manufacturing and operations, alliances, and investing. He has also led several research initiatives in CleanTech, including vehicle electrification, energy storage and disruptive materials innovations. His recent engagements include advising a sovereign wealth fund on cleantech investment strategies, helping a renewable energy company expand its global footprint, working with national government leaders on global, national and regional clean energy initiatives, and advising a major automotive OEM on its regulatory strategy. In
November 2008, he took a three-month leave of absence to serve on President Obama's
transition team, advising on clean energy and transportation policy.