Edkins, Stephen

Diverso Management

Co Founder / Managing Partner
Stephen comes from a long line pharmacologists, although like many of his generation he was initially lured to the City of London. An economist by training, he found the micro implications more appealing and shifted to banking analysis working on the team that plotted Banco Santander's expansion strategy through Latin America in the late 90s/early 00s.
Over time his personal research led him to focus increasingly on China's rise on the rest of the world and the strains this would pose on the world's resources. To take advantage of these trends he moved to Shanghai in 2004 to co-found Diverso.
Stephen's primary role is to identify the sectors which are ripe for technology transfer to China and build a search brief. This means assessing a number of factors including domestic demand drivers, policy changes, the stage of technological development and the internal capacity for Chinese firms to incorporate the technology.