Clarac, Dominique


Dominique Clarac is co-founder and CEO of NODBOX, first mover in the market of embedded real-time simulators for the vehicle all along its usages. These innovative simulators transcribe the physical reality of the operation of the vehicle in its ecosystem, and they project all the consequences of driving actions. They provide both users, corporations, public services or local authorities with highly differentiated intelligent real-time indicators that enable new sustainable behaviors, economic and/or technological optimization of all parts of the vehicle, as well as a new marketing approach of knowledge sharing around the vehicle usage. A few key functions: certification in real-time of pollutant and CO2 emissions and of the consumption of energy; optimization of the driving and of the use of equipments; predictive maintenance.
Prior to co-founding NODBOX in 2004, she had 8 years experience in operational management of start-ups in Europe and the US, having first begun her career as sales manager in IT for 7 years at IBM and ECS. She holds an MA in Economics (business management) and a postgraduate in Marketing.