Bordelanne, Olivier

Senior Project Manager

Dr. Olivier BORDELANNE joined GDF SUEZ in 2007 to take the leadership of projects on Natural Gas Vehicles (NGV) and Biogas. These Research Programmes deal with (i) all the aspects of the NGV chain (fuel distribution, security and regulations, vehicles/engines optimisation, environmental aspects) ; (ii) all the aspects of biogas chain (from its production to its valorisations including biomethane valorisation as a fuel).
In parallel to these activities, Olivier contributes and manages the Exploratory Project on “Sustainable Mobility” of GDF SUEZ Research and Innovation Division, working not only on NGVs, but also on hybrid vehicles, electric vehicles, related infrastructures and services. Olivier is also involved in many working groups dealing with these subjects, whether internal GDF SUEZ working groups, whether national and international working groups.

Prior to joining GDF SUEZ, Olivier has worked in the hydrogen fields, initially for 3 years in a start-up company (Alterg) in France and then for more than 2 years in Scotland (ITI Energy) where he was in charge of a research programme on hydrogen storage.
Olivier’s previous experience also includes research on metal oxide coatings for Atofina Chemicals (TOTAL) in Pennsylvania, USA and research on hybrid organometallic/inorganic systems at the Condensed Matter Chemistry Institute of Bordeaux, France.

Olivier has a PhD and a MSc from the University of Bordeaux (France) and a Postgraduate Degree (DEA) in Physical Chemistry of Materials from the University of Metz (France).