About Cleantech Forum Europe

Re-Engineering Europe: Vorsprung durch Clean Technik?

Europe (and Germany) is in the world’s glare right now, as the euro debt crisis creates paralysis and fear in markets and investors. Meantime, the ongoing decades-long industrial shifts, accelerated by policy and price, enabled by clean technology products and services, continue apace. Investments in young companies have continued to rise, prices of products (in solar, LEDs, etc.) continue to trend downwards and towards parity with their alternates. And just at that point where we are gripped by a today crisis caused by yesterday’s actions, a sense of tomorrow, brought about, in part, by German and European ingenuity, technical expertise and policy, is almost within touching distance.

The 2012 European Cleantech Forum unashamedly borrows from two famous advertising slogans of the past (let’s acknowledge them - Audi and Apple) as we concentrate our minds on some key questions of today:

Our call for action – think different.

All speakers, session hosts and company presenters are being asked to bring new perspectives to Munich, to the 2012 cleantech innovation agenda, to face up to new times.

  • How can a new wave of sustainable economic growth be found, political and corporate strategists are pondering? In an era of lower capital availability.

  • How can the home continent of the original industrial revolution re-invent itself to compete in the 21st century?

  • How can Europe leverage its science, engineering and technology base to re-engineer the future and achieve ‘vorsprung’’?

  • Is clean technik the answer to multiple challenges? Can ‘vorsprung’ be actually achieved with low/no tech?

  • New services, new business models, new collaboration and engagement models between large and small companies, new financing mechanisms, Who are the companies with innovations, in technology and business models, who foretell that future? Who are the corporate players to enable these cleantech innovations to go to scale? Who are the financiers with the capital and risk appetite to make that happen?

Areas of Focus:

Cleantech Forum Europe will have particular focus on some key industries of high relevance to us all, and of course Germany:

  • Automotive Engineering – not only the vehicle but also mobility solutions 
  • Energy Technologies – in particular Solar, Wind and Biomass

The Forum will include content on some key enablers, such as:

  • Ancillary Services – new types of opportunities are emerging, proving out that it’s not all about technology and leapfrog innovations, but also about low-tech service and execution plays.
  • Chemistry, Materials and Gases – all industries have a thirst for cleaner, lighter, more resource-efficient processes and products. Innovations here can make a big difference.
  • Data and Communication Technologies – how are these enabling change in the industrial, commercial and consumer landscape?
  • Finance and Investment – why are LP’s seemingly down on cleantech? where does the CFO turn for equity capital and project finance? who in 2012 has appetite for early/late stage finance?
  • International dynamics – how is the inter-play between European cleantech innovation and growth areas like the BRICs evolving?

Join us in Munich for our 8th annual European Cleantech Forum, the only genuinely pan-European conference of its kind, to explore these issues and more.