Cleanweb and the City 2

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Featured Speakers

Richard Kauffman

Chairman of Energy & Finance for New York, Chair of the NYSERDA Board

Don’t Come to Listen. Come to Engage.

Our goal is to bring together an exclusive set of the industry’s top thought leaders to tackle the real issues, expose areas for future work, and make connections that will propel the cleanweb ecosystem forward.

The summit will have no “audience” and no “speakers.” All attendees will be true participants in a workshop-style, inter­active, highly moderated group discussions. If you are look­ing to sit back and listen to panels, you will want to skip this gathering. We are looking for participants who will voice strong opinions, raise hard questions, and contribute to a spirited, fun learning environment.

As you prepare to engage with people at the Summit, explore some of the companies online with i3.

What You'll Experience

Cleanweb and the City 2 will explore business opportunities related to the continued convergence of data, analytics, mobile/web applications, and resource sharing that address energy and resource challenges.

Building on our engaging summit last November, Cleanweb and the City 2 will focus on corporates whose growth depends on successful engagement with emerging cleanweb models and who are looking to develop new business ideas, market applications, or partnerships. With an eye toward software and a distributed, resilient infrastructure, we will touch on themes including mobility, buildings of the future, and urban resource challenges and will engage potential customers, partners, forward-thinking government officials, experts, and entrepreneurs who do not regularly interact.

For more insights, watch highlights from the 2013 Cleanweb and the City executive summit and download our report on cleanweb and corporate partnerships!