Mahfouda , David

David Mahfouda is the CEO of Bandwagon. David graduated from Harvard’s Visual and Environmental Studies program in 2005. After graduating, David co-founded the Very Polite Movers, a successful Brooklyn-based furniture moving cooperative. David went on to earn his master’s degree, studying Product Architecture and Engineering at Stevens Institute, where he modelled what would become the basis for Bandwagon — a dynamic transportation system initially entitled Modular Node Based Public Road Transportation on Digital Infrastructure (MNBPRTODI). David has since become a pioneer of the networked-vehicle industry, having been invited to speak about new technology and transit at institutions and conferences including the USDOT, The Open Planning Project, The Green Space, Portland State University, Transportation Transformation, Advanced Energy 2012, and Parsons School of Design. He has also been a member of EyeBeam’s Sustainability and Urban Research steering committees. David is currently the project manager of two successful NYSERDA Advanced Transportation contracts. He is also the co-founder of the Fixers Collective, a growing New York based social movement dedicated to the care and restoration of broken things.