Event Overview

Cleanweb and the City Executive Summit:

The Cleanweb and the City Executive Summit is designed to be more engaging than typical conferences. It will be focused on dialogue, problem-solving, and networking—not panels and slides. This is neither a hackathon nor a pitch session. All attendees will be true participants in workshop-style, interactive, well-moderated group discussions. If you are looking to sit back and listen to panels, you will want to skip this summit. We are looking for participants who will voice strong opinions, raise hard questions, and contribute to a spirited, fun learning environment.

Cleanweb is an expansive term; at this event we will focus on:

  • Urban mobility;
  • Waste management; and
  • Energy management


Cleanweb is a new concept and has been left largely undefined. While we expect our conversations at the summit to help build this definition, there are several themes inherent to cleanweb:

1)    Cleanweb is collaborative: We are convening new customers, suppliers, technologies, markets, entrepreneurs, corporates, investors, and government officials who have not interacted extensively on cleanweb to-date.

2)    Cleanweb is urban: Nowhere will the impact of these applications be felt more than in the world’s biggest cities. We are hosting the summit in New York City, a living cleanweb laboratory of ongoing experiments and new ideas. With a thriving startup scene, newly launched car and bike sharing programs, smart buildings, and continuing efforts to engage the public on waste, e-waste, and recycling initiatives, nowhere in the US is more appropriate to convene a dialogue on this transformation.

3)    Cleanweb is disruptive: We are gathering the leading experts to facilitate a learning exchange focused on:

-  Ways cleanweb will impact large businesses, spur new business models, change consumer behavior; and

-  The opportunities for and challenges associated with applying these technologies.


A New Brand Executive Summit:

Don't come to listen. Come to engage.


Focused dialogue in an intimate setting:

This one-day summit will be invitation-only to ensure the highest quality dialogue. We will pull from the ranks of lead­ing investors, utilities, corporate executives, entrepreneurs and industry influencers. Our selection bias for attendees will be toward those working most directly on live projects, emerging technologies, and those actively putting capital to work in the industry.

Pre-conference questionnaire:

Our moderators will want to best understand the unique perspectives and goals of each and every attendee. You will receive a pre-conference questionnaire to be completed via email two weeks prior to the event.

In-session engagement:

Every attendee will be expected to actively contribute to the discussion. Our moderators will work hard to ensure everyone’s voice is heard and incorpo­rated into the dialogue. We know that not every industry-specific dialogue though will interest every attendee and we will have networking areas setup for you to have informal discussions in parallel to the main session.