Cleanweb and the City

Click here to request and invite for the 2014 Cleanweb and the City 2! November 12-13, NYC


See highlights from last year's 2013 Cleanweb and the City executive summit!



Cleanweb is the convergence of big data, mobile computing, and connectivity that addresses global energy and resource constraints and enables collaborative consumption and related trends. It is one of the most dynamic and innovative areas in technology today.

This November, Cleantech Group and The Cleanweb Initiative are convening an invitation-only executive summit—Cleanweb and the City—with the objectives of:

- Exploring how cleanweb will disrupt current corporate business models, and how corporates can adapt

- Building close connections among leading cleanweb professionals and investors

- Discovering opportunities where the application of cleanweb solutions can evolve powered environments (like cities), corporate processes, and new or existing commercial platforms

This summit is the first senior executive gathering on cleanweb. We hope and trust that it will be a defining moment in the evolution of cleanweb, accelerating progress across the public and private sectors. Request your invitation today!


#Cleanwebcity Interviews

In the lead up to the summit, Cleantech Group is catching up with leaders in NYC cleanweb to learn more about what the rise of cleanweb means for start-ups, corporates, investors, and the overall innovation landscape:

Thought Leaders: Bandwagon

Thought Learders: ThinkEco

Thought Leaders: BMW i Ventures