Participant Feedback


China Tour Participant Feedback

The tour party participants all provided formal and structured feedback. Here are some of the headline results:

  • The 20172015, 2013, and 2012 China tours exceeded expectations by some distance – that every tour member said they would recommend this tour to a peer in similar circumstances speaks for itself – and proves the value of the tour.
  • The participants were asked to rate whether the tour met their expectations/objectives on a scale of 1-6 (where 3 = fell slightly short, 4=slightly exceeded). In 2017, all companies but one felt that the tour exceeded their expectations. In 2015, all companies felt that the tour exceeded their expectations, with all but one rating it a 5 or 6. The average score of tour participants was 5.2 (up from 5.1 in 2013, and 4.9 in 2012).
  • In 2015, more than 90% came home more positive towards the prospect of their company making progress and doing more business in China in the months and years to come.
  • On the topic of organization, all participants rated the 2017 tour as being very organized. In 2015, the average score for organization was 5.7 on a 1-6 scale (1 = chaotic, 6=flawless), which was up from 5.5 in 2013, and 5.4 in 2012.


What Our Participants Are Saying

From our growth innovation companies:

“The most informative 3 days’ immersion experience in China for Western entrepreneurs in technology.” 2017 Participant


“I believe the tour arranged by CTG offers a comprehensive exposure to various business communities related to cleantech in China. Professionally arranged and conducted, the various activities certainly provide some good platform for business people with the intention to get acquainted with Chinese cleantech market to kick start their endeavor with some relevant leads and networks. I would like to express my gratitude with such a well-organized trip.” 2017 Participant


“I am certain that this trip has been one of the most compelling investments of my time in as long as I can remember. Phenomenal organization, compelling content, and invaluable insights into one of our largest potential markets.”

Wayne Byrne, Managing Director, OxyMem


“Really useful way to get a quick immersion into China, its culture, and issues. Even though I have been in China a few times, I found this focused trip extremely worthwhile.” Stefan Hillberg, CEO, Heliospectra


“The Cleantech Tour of China is a great way to understand and learn about the Chinese way of doing business. During the five-day tour, I got the opportunity to meet entrepreneurs, VCs, lawyers, customers, consultants and government officials, which would have taken me a month to organize myself.”

Aniruddha Sharma, CEO, Carbon Clean Solutions



“We learned a lot about market entry, that we would not have learned in an individual approach. This was top level speed dating. We met other CEO’s with common interest and made friends. The entire week was intense and definitely business but still fun. The team did a great job. I have never been on a tour like this before and I start to like China, which I didn’t think I would.” Carl Berninghausen, CEO, sunfire


“Your program is excellent value for the money. The education and the contacts were better than what I was expecting. You introduced us to real investors and that was the most valuable thing. I am now in follow up discussions.” Ed van Dyne, CEO, Van Dyne Superturbo


“A fascinating and valuable insight into the pros and cons of all the different methods of going into China.” Toby King, CEO, Bowman Power


“Having entered one foreign market and knowing just a bit about some of the issues we would face in China, the purpose of this trip for me was to begin developing my network, identifying potential opportunities, and understanding the complexities and challenges we would face. The tour helped me accomplish all of these.”

Anna Rath, CEO, NexSteppe



“I did not have high expectations as I know this is a long process and the tour was but the first step. Yet I was surprised by the good connections made.” Brad Mattson CEO, Solexant


“The China Cleantech Tour is an excellent way to get familiar with the Chinese market, if you have no or little prior experience. We give the highest grades to the organizers, the people we have met and the information we have received. The only real improvement I could think of would be to increase the number of hours per day to benefit even more from this great week.” Nils Aldag, CFO, sunfire


“The China trip was invaluable in understanding how business is really done in China. The intimate Q&A sessions with investors, advisors, attorneys, and SOE officials combined with off-the-record chats with other CEOs made for an incredibly rich learning experience.”

Matthew Scullin, CEO, Alphabet Energy



“A very well organized, value-for-money trip enabling valuable contacts and insights into one of the most dynamic and important markets for the cleantech industry.” Joachim Grill, CEO, SEE Algae Technology


“…the smoothest ever 1-week event I’ve been involved in. I will definitely recommend this program to everyone I can.”  Elmira Ryabova, CEO, Advenira Inc.


“The experience on the Cleantech tour was even better than I imagined. It was extremely comprehensive  and it was more than just meeting people , it was the openness of information from a diverse set of potential customers , investors, entrepreneurs, accountants, lawyers, and business people.  I was able to learn more in one week than I would have in 5 possible trips to China. The tour was the most efficient business trip I ever went on.The most surprising and perhaps the most beneficial  part of the tour was the interaction among the tour members themselves. There was a lot we learned from each other.” 

Frank Magnotti, CEO, Fluitec



“Cleantech Tour of China 2012 was certainly a rewarding trip for my company. It offered us perspectives in various aspects: market needs, investment focuses, legal issues, policies, and business models. The feedback from relevant Chinese parties helped us re-calibrate our go-to-market strategy.”  Tao Xie, Echogen Systems


“The tour exceeded my expectations – especially given the time allotted. Our company made many more quality contacts than I anticipated – far more than on other China tours and missions in which our company has participated. If your cleantech company is considering a presence in or investment from China, I know of no better way to begin.”

Ronald Rich, CEO, Atmosphere Recovery



“An event focused on CEO questions around market entry and doing business in China.  In one week, I learned more and made a greater number of connections than I would expect from 3 individually-arranged trips.  Well-organized and professionally executed.”  Danny Yu, CEO, Daintree Networks

From our investors:

“This visit provided valuable insights for investors like myself seeking to broaden their understanding of the Chinese investor landscape. This is a very useful undertaking for first time entrants into the market wanting to gain an understanding of the market, as well as come back with a fist full of business cards!” 2017 Participant


A perfect way for CEOs or VCs to understand what is going on in China on cleantech, meet key people, and get useful contacts.”

Philippe Ringenbach, Venture Partner, Electranova Capital

Electranova Capital-logo

“A very intense, informed, and comprehensive tour of China with unique learning sessions and meeting opportunities.” Julien Mialaret, Investment Manager, Idinvest Partners


“Very enriching, good wide view of all cleantech activities and players in China, great group of people to travel with, and you end up learning from them even beyond what China Cleantech has to offer.”

Susana Quintana Plaza, VP Innovation Scouting & Co-investments, E.ON



“The program is a dramatic accelerator of the learning curve in China. An intense week that allows for limited time to meet with all type of stakeholders and to get some perspective on what can be done in China. This clearly does not answer all the questions (not sure it is possible) but at the very least you come back with the right questions to ask when thinking about China.” Pierre Devillard, Electranova Capital


“It was a fantastic opportunity for a first introduction to cleantech in China. The trip was well organized and smooth, and it certainly is something I’d recommend if you are thinking about further business partnerships in the region.”

Lila Preston, Partner, Generation Investment Management


“It was an invaluable experience packing an amount of network building and understanding on how to access the Chinese opportunity in a single week that would have taken many trips to amass in other ways.”  Bart Markus, Partner, Wellington Partners