China Tour 2012


Cleantech Tour of China 2012

In November 2012, the Cleantech Group ran our 2nd annual Cleantech Tour of China. Thank you to our key partners – Deloitte, Idinvest Partners, Silicon Valley Bank, and Tsing Capital – who made the trip possible. The tour represented the 5th year of our event series in China.The 2012 China Cleantech Tour, November 4-9, was a 3-city tour (Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen) primarily designed to help CEO’s of upcoming western cleantech companies and investors help their portfolio companies build an understanding of the issues around market entry and the China opportunity, and building a network of people who could help them with this.The tour gave all attendees the opportunity to expose their companies to multiple China-based investors and commercial partners potentially interested in investing in, and helping them, develop their ‘go to China’ strategy.

What did we do during the week? And why was it valuable?

At the core of the tour were 3 showcase events in 3 cities — Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. These were the core occasions in which the touring companies presented their companies to China-based investors and companies, and created some valuable connections. Turn-out to the events reflected the strong Chinese interest in western clean technology: more than 200 guests (principally investors and companies) attended the showcases.

In addition to the showcases, we organized a series of private and exclusive meetings – with key state-owned enterprises such as BaoSteel and CECEP; with leading cross-border cleantech investors such as Qiming Venture Partners and Tsing Capital; and with a range of experienced China-based professionals, able to provide their experiences of small foreign technology companies coming to China (some key do’s and don’ts on IP, structuring tax, as well as some input on the policy environment).

The final part of the education came from the interaction with local government and their industrial parks. These meetings allowed the companies to gain a fuller picture on the details of creating a China strategy and insight into the culture of how it is done.

A last part of the value of the tour – and one not to be under-estimated – was the interaction and learnings from within the group.

To read the full tour schedule, click here.


2012 Tour Party Participants

Growth cleantech companies:

Alphabet Energy (US), Aquiloz (Norway), Atmosphere Recovery (US), Daintree Networks (US), Echogen Power Systems (US), Fluitec (US), Nualight (Ireland), SEE Algae Technology (Austria)


Idinvest Partners (France), who represented portfolio companies Catalysair and Recuply; Wellington Partners (Germany), who represented portfolio companies Agnion and Enocean; Autodesk Cleantech Partner Program (US); and Silicon Valley Bank (US)


For more information on these companies and why they joined the tour, check out the company showcase booklet.


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