Re-imagining Cleantech: Unlocking Growth in an Open Innovation World

Join us for the 10th birthday party of our Cleantech Forum Europe on May 19-21, 2014 in Stockholm, Sweden

Our 2014 European Cleantech Forum Gala Dinner & Awards will be held at the spectacular Stockholm City Hall, home of the prestigious annual Nobel Prize Banquet since 1930. 
Stockholm City Hall is located just across the water from the Swan Certified (eco certification) Brewery Conference Centre Stockholm, where the Cleantech Forum Europe 2014 will take place. 
We look forward to welcoming you to more keynotes, exhibitions, awards, receptions, cleantech cafés, thought-provoking sessions, networking, and much more of what Cleantech Forums are known for.
What our attendees said about Cleantech Forum Europe 2013 in Bilbao:
“Thank you to you and your entire team for putting on such a great show in Bilbao. I know it involved a lot of preparation and effort and it really showed in the result! From my perspective it was clearly the best one ever – and I have been to all of them in Europe. Well done and looking forward to going to my home town next year!”
Henrik Olsén, Partner, Environmental Technologies Fund
"It was a very intense 48 hours and I had the chance to meet some very interesting people from all over the world, in my own country. I met different profiles (investors, partners, potential customers, etc.) which can be relevant for us in the near future in different ways…"
Javier Lopetegui, General Director, Likuid Nanotek
“Your event is probably the only one where I continue, year after year, to meet new and interesting people, looking forward to next year’s event”.
Cédric Latessa, Investment Manager, Aster Capital
“For me, the Cleantech Forum remains a unique opportunity to meet with the most significant and active investors in clean energy and environmental technologies in Europe, partake in conversations that inform new investment directions and create opportunities to work with peers in supporting new companies together. the Forum’s uniqueness resides in its ability to bring together the whole industry for a couple of days and create the opportunities for co-investment in portfolio companies”.
Julien Mialaret, Investment Manager, Idinvest Partners